"Hidden in Front of Us" by Anthea Simcock: Official Website

The official website of the book "Hidden in Front of Us" by Anthea Simcock


The official website of the book "Hidden in Front of Us"



Welcome to the Hidden in Front of Us website. This amazing book was launched on the 24th of August 2010 at Parliament by Tony Ryall, Minister of Health.

Twenty four adult survivors of child abuse share their experiences of being children who desperately needed an adult to stand up for them. They also share their ideas about what could have been done to help. Their words and stories provide an insight into what each of us can do when we have a concern about a child.

This book may be the most important you’ll ever read because it may help you save a child’s life, or at the very least preserve the wealth of potential that is lost every time a child is harmed.



Who Do we Tell 6 Replies

I work as a counsellor specialising in helping children, young people and their families find their way through the emotional and other deep injuries that violence causes. I myself am a survivor of…Continue

Started by Marion Williams. Last reply by Karen Jayne Bernhardt Dec 22, 2012.

A great blog from Eleanor Black

http://www.pundit.co.nz/content/what-could-have-helped-nia  Check out the wonderful blog from Eleanor in response to todays…Continue

Started by Rachel McGuire Sep 29, 2010.

The consequences of child abuse impacts on mental health 2 Replies

I look forward to the future when child abuse has stopped, healing has happended to the people affected and NZ is  a new place!The prisons and mental health services may not be so full and perhaps as…Continue

Started by Suzette Poole. Last reply by karenza marie mcleod Dec 21, 2012.

Why this book is so important 3 Replies

Everyone needs to read this book, to realise the role we each have in protecting our children. In every single case of abuse in these stories, at least one adult knew what was happening to them but…Continue

Started by Janine Evans. Last reply by Vanessa Gray Apr 11, 2011.






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